Health Department

Major Works :

  • Sanitation and cleaning of public streets and drains.
  • Cleaning of public toilets and urinaries.
  • Emancipation of dead dogs.
  • Selling of degraded / rotten fruits, expired drinks and adulterated food should be banned.
  • Other works related to public health.
  • Registering Birth and Death and issuing Birth and Death Certificate.
  • Measures to control spreading of contagious / infectious diseases.
  • Controlling the enterprise / professionals which are harmful for public health.
  • Issuing licenses under Food Adulteration Impedinent Act.
  • Issuing licenses under Byelaws.
  • Restraining the places allotted for the disposal of dead bodies.
  • Controlling the enterprises / enterprenuers which are harmful for the health.

Major Duties :

  • To remove the heaps of garbage.
  • To remove the deberis.
  • Sanitation and cleanliness of Garbage Houses.
  • Sprinkling of water at public places and festivals.
  • Other works related to garbage disposal.

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